Niaouli Essential Oil 10ml - Pacific Scents

Niaouli Essential Oil 10ml - Pacific Scents

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The blocked nose solution, especially if you are not a fan of mint.

The niaouli essential oil is THE solution for ENT infections. It is an anti-infectious essential oil to protect you during the winter, an indispensable oil to have in the family medicine cupboard and a precious help to fight daily aches. It is also perfect to treat skin infections such as herpes or zona. Processing method of niaouli essential oil: steam distillation

  • Part of the plant: twigs and leaves
  • Odour: Aromatic, fresh and note of cineol
  • Origin: Madagascar

Botanical name: Melaleuca quinquenervia
Family: Myrtaceae

This melaleuca grows freely in the wild in New Caledonia and in Madagascar. It has been known by indigenous populations for many generations for its antiseptic and bactericide properties.

Niaouli is a plant close to Eucalyptus, it originates from a tree belonging to the same family as the Tea Tree and Cajeput.

Yield: 1l of oil = about 100kgs of leaves


  • Oxides: 1.8 cineole (45 to 65%)
  • Monoterpenes: alpha-pinene (5 to 15%), limonene (5 to 10%)
  • Sesquiterpenol: viridiflorol (2.5 to 9%)
  • Monoterpenols: alpha-terpineol (3 to 8%)
  • 100 % pure & natural without any other additives – ORGANIC

  • Antibacterial ++
  • Anticatarrhal and expectorant +++
  • It is a powerful antiviral +++: the earlier the essential oil is applied during a viral episode, the more effective it will be
  • Venous and lymphatic decongestant ++
  • Anti-inflammatory, disinfectant and antipruritic
  • Antifungal
  • It is radio-protective for the skin and healing +
  • It stimulates immune defences +