Mystery Bath Bomb - Milky Quartz

Mystery Bath Bomb - Milky Quartz

Congratulations on finding a Milky Quartz gem!


This crystal works in the elimination of the negative energies and in the energetic settlement, helps to take away the physical fatigue giving more disposition. Milky Quartz enhances touch and cooperation as well as helping us think before we speak.

The white colour is caused by inclusions of tiny bubbles of gas and/or water. Its charming greasy lustre is what gives it its charm and the characteristic that represents its milky and ghostly appearance.

In general, Quartz is considered to be a Master Healer and is one of the most powerful amplifiers of energy on the planet. This means that Quartz is a perfect crystal to pair with any of your other crystals to amplify their healing powers. The healing powers that can be found in Quartz can also be found in Milky Quartz, although they often work slower and have a milder effect.

If you’re looking to improve any aspect of your personal life - from the way you react in certain situations to the way others make you feel about yourself - stones and crystals are without a doubt something you should consider incorporating into your life and whatever healing activities and practices you already participate in. With that being said, if there was one crystal that you would recommend to anyone looking to work on personal growth, it would be Milky Quartz.

Milky Quartz can:

  • connect you with your deeper wisdom
  • help you to stop and think before you speak
  • encourages cooperation and consideration
  • helps you to overcome 'playing the victim', and
  • help allow you to finally let go of something that is not serving you.

The healing power of crystals and stones is a personal experience and therefore you may find that Milky Crystals are best used in your life for completely different reasons. Just remember, use your intuition, listen to your mind and your feelings, and know that whatever crystal or stone you choose to help with personal growth is the right crystal or stone for you at that moment in your life.  


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