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Top Five Ways to use Essential Oils in Your Car for Better Health

Car Diffusers

There are many ways to use essential oils in your vehicle that you probably use daily. Here are just a few ways people use essential oils and why.

1. Cleaning

A lot of eco conscious humans are using low tox ways to clean their homes and cars given the high synthetic composition of cleaning products these days. By diluting essential oils like lemon and eucalyptus into a spray bottle of water, you can easily make a solution to clean windows and car interiors like dashboards, handles and steering wheels and more.

What’s more is using lavender oil diluted into alcohol or water can make a great fabric spray for foot rest areas on the bottom of the car to keep it smelling fresh for longer.

2. Purifying

Many people choose to commute in the comfort of their own cars, however travelling in peak traffic can mean the smell of smog, grease, oil, diesel and fuel leaks into your car making the air a bit toxic. To counter this toxicity, diffusing essential oils in the car can purify the air and change the odour in the cabin to a more appealing and healthy fragrance.

3. Relaxing

Busy mums and dads that juggle the school run with work and social commitments can get stressed and anxious whilst driving around trying to get to destinations on time. Some choose to listen to relaxing music to help settle the nervous feelings that stress can bring and others find the scented properties of essential oils very soothing to smell when driving to and from day care, soccer practice or work.

Using scents of lavender, grapefruit, clary sage, peppermint or orange can certainly calm and uplift your mood within a few minutes to make travel time less daunting. A great way to use essential oils in the car to relax is by diffusing or using a few drops on a felt pad. If you are always on the go, then leaving a roller blend in your car to rub on your temples can also work.

4. To fix pungent odours

Funky smells in the car can really offend the senses and in some cases cause headaches or induce vomiting. Sweat odour after the gym, shoe jam after a game on the field, fermented baby milk spills and takeaway aromas are very common ones that we have all tried to hide.

Cleaning and diffusing with essential oils in your car can help remove and reduce off putting and lingering smells, the natural way. Let’s face it, those cheap and synthetic scented trees from the gas or petrol station never last long and always look drab hanging from the rear view mirror. Inhaling synthetic aromas can only lead to trouble in the long run.

5. Emotional Support

Essential oils are very well known to assist in times of emotional need and for ailments. What better way to get hyped up for a work meeting or productive day with the support of your favourite citrus scent in the car on the way there?

Or wind down from a tiring day with lavender, rose or lime oil for the trip home?

Collecting the kids from dance class or their training session? Get some On Guard oil to help keep any nasties from their session at bay.

A bit congested during winter? Put some peppermint oil on to help ease the blocked passages and assist in helping the sniffles to subside.

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