The Best Essential Oils to Use for Concentration and Mental Clarity

The best essential oils to use for concentration and mental clarity - Oil Diffuser Shop


Are you one of the many adults in Australia who has made the decision to go back to school/university to upgrade your qualifications? Or perhaps you are doing your postgraduate studies or have teenagers who are students?

When exam time rolls around, everyone feels the need for that extra motivation, a little boost to help you focus more. Using essential oils in an aromatherapy diffuser can help boost your self-confidence and make your study environment just a little more inviting for that added encouragement.

When studying, you may need to combat mental fatigue and the following essential oils for focus and mental sharpness can benefit you immensely!

  • Rosemary Essential Oil: boosts energy and helps with increased retention and memory
  • Lemon Oil: increase alertness and enhances cognitive function
  • Wild Orange Oil: stimulates the brain and increases attention span
  • Peppermint Oil: increases alertness and concentration

Essential Oil and Diffuser Tips

It is very important to use high quality essential oils and to follow the directions and safety and precaution labels on the bottle. Just as important is selecting the appropriate essential oils for your need and the mood you want to create. The next step is to select the right diffuser for you, making sure that it is of the highest quality as well. We are an Australian owned online diffuser shop with the best diffusers for your home, office and car. We would like to recommend the following aromatherapy diffusers which are easy to use and humidify the air with the release of a mist of essential oil and water into the air.

Copper Diffuser

Our Copper diffuser is a shiny and sleek vase-shaped aromatherapy diffuser that adds that extra touch of luxury but is very affordable at the same time. It is USB powered and it can be plugged into a compatible power-board, laptop or pc. They come in the attractive and pleasing colours of copper, aqua and lavender.

Star Globe Essential Oil Diffuser

Our NEW Star Globe Essential Oil Diffuser comes in light wood and is equipped with seven different LED light colours, bringing extra colour into the room and enhancing the mood.