Is essential oil use around cats & dogs safe?

Is essential oil use around cats & dogs safe?

Essential oils have risen in popularity over the last few years in aiding physical and mental wellbeing. Essential oils can be used safely around pets, but precautions must be taken. While these oils may be advertised as 'natural', it doesn't always mean they're safe.

Which ingredients should you avoid?

Cats are sensitive to essential oils. Exposing them to essential oils requires extreme care, as cats do not metabolize the same way as dogs or humans. A cat's liver lacks the cytochrome metabolic pathway P450, which means they find it different to break down certain medications and some essential oils. Avoid exposing your cat to oils that contain citrus, cinnamon bark, eucalyptus, thyme, wintergreen, or tea tree. In dogs, the most toxic essential oils we see are those that contain tea tree, pennyroyal, wintergreen, and pine.

Keep an eye on your pets

Animals are sensitive. While it may be fine for us to apply these oils to our skin and smell them straight from the bottle, many fragrances can be a potential irritant for pets. Opt for using an essential oil diffuser when using essential oils, as it's highly diluted. Monitor your pet's reaction, and observe for any signs of discomfort or stress. Scents that may be enjoyable for us can be overwhelming or irritating for cats and dogs.

When exposing your pet to a new scent, monitor and keep a close eye on them, especially if making physical contact. If your pet appears uncomfortable, anxious, or lethargic, contact your veterinarian immediately. Refrain from using this oil around your pet in the future, and take your pet to a well-ventilated space. Do not leave your pet in a confined space where oils are being diffused.

Always opt for 100% pure essential oils and those that are certified organic. A few that are safe to use around your cat include lavender, copaiba, and frankincense, while chamomile, myrrh, and ginger are safe to diffuse around dogs.

In small quantities, some essential oils can be harmless, especially those safe for pets. When in doubt, always contact your veterinarian. Visit Oil Diffuser Shop for more information on essential oils diffuser products.