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5 of the best essential oils to use during lockdown

Being placed into a snap lock down can really hurt your mental well being and distract you from focusing on everything that you want to achieve and all the things that you look forward too in life. But it doesn't have to feel that way, you know, so overwhelming.


Try these top five essential oils to make you feel better and to boost your emotions during lockdown.


Number 1 - Lavender

Lavender has a really calming effect and can ease your emotions during times of anxiety and depression. It can really calm the senses and even put you to sleep when you need it. Rest is best during lockdown it's one of the only times you can recharge your battery cells. Use it well.


Number 2 - Orange

Orange or sweet citrus oil variants can really boost your immune system and bergamot works well too, increasing the feel good vibes. What they do is snap you out of an emotional funk with their strong fruity tones. They can freshen up the room too. 


Number 3 - Peppermint

If you're going through a snap lock down in winter, peppermint can really help clear your senses, give you mental clarity and assist you to focus. It can also help you breathe a lot better if you're feeling a little congested.


Number 4 - Grapefruit

Using grapefruit essential oil can also make you feel so much better about yourself in an instant. Fruit is so full of amazing cellular regenerating properties and not only does it smell amazing, but it will remind you of summer back in the days where you would have fresh slices of fruit in the afternoon. 


Number 5 - Elevation by Doterra 

Last but not least elevation essential oil blend by Doterra is my number one favorite to use when tackling low mood and feelings of hopelessness. I just put a few drops in a diffuser for a few hours and soon enough it feels the room. It is a joyful and uplifting blend that makes the whole home smell inviting. Remember, lockdown won't last forever and if you use the oils, or a new one each and every day (sometimes you can use them three times a day) it will definitely help you feel much better. 


PS: A bonus oil to use but very rare to have on hand is rose 🌹 it encourages self love and connection to drown out external noise.

Stay safe and be happy!